The government is not doing enough to support and encourage manufacturing in the UK, says Graham Humphreys, chairman of Eurofilms Extrusion, which produces packing film on a continuous 24/7 process.

Humphreys, who started his business 20 years ago and now has a turnover of £24 million and 75 employees, said: “All this hot air spoken about rebalancing the economy is not supported by tangible efforts on the government part to support investment in British manufacturing. I feel that our leaders are completely out of touch. It’s as though manufacturing isn`t sexy any more in the UK.”

He added: “I strongly believe that unless there is a re-balancing of how we generate income for Great Britain Plc, more on the lines of the German economy, then we haven’t a hope in hell of achieving George Osborne’s goal of a trillion pounds of exports.” 

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