The next phase in the plastic tax journey!

Treasury Response to Plastic Packaging Tax Consultation is now complete.

Eurofilms are committed to have a range of HAND & MACHINE stretch film products that contain 30% PCW in early 2021. The range is yet to be defined and tests on various supply sources continues.

All manufacturers and distributors of products deemed to have 30% post consumer waste content must have the appropriate government certification to avoid the tax implications.

But the industry will be at a junction in April 2022 when the proposed TAX is implemented.

30 % PCW content film v current virgin material content……

It is still a very unknown if it will be possible to replicate the currently low gauge highly engineered technical films when a 30 % PCW material is included.

A few important questions are yet to be answered for our industry and for our customers?

        • Will a 30% PCW stretch film be consistent and fit for purpose at the current film thickness we use?
        • Will we need to increase the thickness of the film we currently use to incorporate the PCW material successfully?
        • The current PCW material is 2 x or 3 x more than virgin material – will this cost differential change?
        • Is there enough high quality suitable PCW material scheduled for availability by early 2022?
        • Do the commercials actually add up for the film we currently use… v pcw material costs and other spin off costs associated with this potential material change, including productivity impacts and load stability issues in transit?
        • How will it affect accreditations like BRC?
        • How do we achieve government approved certification status to sell 30% PCW content products?

 Many unanswered questions currently. We continue the journey of research and development to tackle this crucial and very important hurdle for our products and the wider industry.


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