Eurofilms are able to offer a wide and diverse range of packaging products, including a full range of stretch film products, shrink film, covers & sheets, bags & sacks and many other items.

Eurofilms are able to offer a wide and diverse range of packaging products, including a full range of stretch film products, shrink film, covers & sheets, bags & sacks and many other items.

Increasingly, our customer base is eager to source cost-effective packaging solutions from a key base of trusted supply partners. We are dedicated to manufacture and distribute an ever-expanding portfolio of packaging items, which both meets our customer’s cost requirements and ensures their supply chain management is efficiently maintained.

Our packaging specialists would be pleased to advise, quote and even visit to offer a “free of charge packaging audit” to see how much we could save your company.

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Why Should an organisation change to Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrap Stretch Film?

This sector has seen phenomenal growth over the last 6 years and occupies an ever-increasing share of the growing European demand for stretch film/pallet wrap

The larger users, such as supermarkets, have seen the light fairly early on and have swapped conventional hand film for the factory pre-stretched variant, in order to reap the yield savings and ultimately drive down their costs to wrap a pallet.

With conventional hand wrap film, we are relying solely on the human element to maximise the yield values. With the pre-stretch film, this is factory stretched to close to its optimal film “sweet” spot and maximises all the film properties and ensures that the film is optimised correctly for improved load stability and containment. The film in use shows a consistent wrapping performance and benefits from minimal film necking.

The health and safety aspects of the pre-stretch film should also not be ignored. The lightweight reels and the reduced energy required to wrap a pallet, both assists the operator in safer and easier wrapping procedures and can significantly increase productivity levels.

The Euro-lite pre-stretch film from Eurofilms is renowned as a market leader in the pre-stretch sector in mainland Europe. Produced from an advanced multi-layer co-ex blown film blend, this film type has high strength and puncture resistance values and has the added benefit of superior cling levels and excellent film clarity.

This Euro-lite pre-stretch film also has the benefit of folded edge technology, which increases edge strength and creates superior roping effects when wrapping pallets. The use of the latest rewind technology by Eurofilms, also allows additional air to be blown into the layers when re-winding, which offers an improved product profile and also, protects the product from accidental damage, as this creates a more robust product shape.

The cores used for the Euro-lite pre-stretch products are stronger and thinner than many of the rival products and therefore, offer an improved “green” element to the product offering.

The pre-stretch products can be offered in flexi –spec options of 500, 430 & 400 width variants and can be produced to various micron film thicknesses, to suit application and optimise product value engineering. A superior one side cling option is also NOW available. The Euro-lite pre-stretch product from Eurofilms is available in both hand and machine format.

The product innovation team at Eurofilms have also been at the forefront of “coreless” film options and these products are gaining momentum, especially where end-users which to reduce waste and increase their eco-footprint.

If you wish to discuss the benefits of using hand or machine pre-stretch film in your company, then please feel free to make contact. The Eurofilms team would welcome the opportunity to support you in making the transition to Euro-lite pre-stretch and optimising and maximising the cost savings.

Euro-lite – No 1 pre-stretch brand in Europe – why?

• Impressive film consumption reduction.
• Air blown into layers – added product protection.
• Easy to wrap – less user energy required.
• Health and safety benefits for operators lightweight reels.
• Optimisation of film memory – superior load containment.
• Consistent film stretch performance. • Superior film clarity.
• Blend properties offer excellent puncture resistance.
• Minimal film necking.
• Suitable for cold wrapping environments.
• Core – stronger thinner hand reel core with improved “green” credentials.
• Superior one side cling option NOW available – in hand & machine.
• High tack three-layer film – superior load containment properties.
• Advanced 3 layer film technology – incorporating new stronger metallocene polymer layer.
• Flexi –spec options 500, 430 & 400 width variants.
• Multi micron film option – to fit application & ensure pallet load stability.
• Significant cost savings to wrap a pallet.
• Coreless film option – advanced re-wind units allowing us to offer an even greener product.
• Folded edge technology – double thickness edge creating superior roping effect.