POF - Shrink Film

Our POF “Ecopolyshrink” range has been designed to present your products in the best possible light. Produced as a 5 layer polyolefin film, it offers unrivalled clarity, allowing consumers to see your products in all their glory, whilst protecting them from the outside world.

It can be used to wrap a wide range of products and is often seen wrapped around wallpaper, CD’s & DVD’s, paper plates, brochures, printing paper, pharmaceutical products, stair furniture and many other products.

Available as either centre fold or single wound, in a range of sizes and as a 12, 15, 19 or 25 micron film.

We promote long term supply partnerships and our friendly customer service team are available to discuss any requirements or specific technical product optimisation questions you may have. Alternatively, you can order online quickly and simply at www.eurofilmsmdirect.co.uk.

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