Technology engineered thinner film!

Environmentally & budget friendly film products from Eurofilms

What a waste!

We have worked with the Carbon Trust to reduce our Carbon Footprint and therefore reducing our power consumption, installing power efficient compressors, motors and chilling systems.

Investing ?

Maybe..... Please watch this space!

We live, breathe and manufacture stretch film!

So, put us to the test. Optimise the pallet wrap film you use and challenge us to save you money in the process!

Corporate responsibility to waste reduction

We have been helping hundreds over customers reduce the amount of film they use within their organisations. Driven initially to reduce spend, this mindset and corporate action to optimise the amount of film used in day to day activities, is absolutely crucial in reducing the amount of film consumed and therefore, reduce the waste. Lets all do our bit!

Key to success with UK manufacturing!

Let's make it simple and efficient!