European Legislation on the movement of goods in transit is important to all our customers and anyone who is shipping pallets should take note.

EN12195-1 – European Best Practice on Cargo Securing for Road Transport

It is estimated that 4% of all goods are damaged in transit and one of the main causes is inadequate pallet wrapping.

It is vital to introduce “Codes of Best Practice” in order to ensure consistent pallet wrapping and in order to establish the optimal wrapping for your goods in pallet transit..

In certain European countries it is now a legal requirement to ensure that pallets are wrapped, secured and shipped to ensure safety on the road. This will also result in reduced product damages.

It is important to act now to ensure compliance.

What Eurofilms can do for you:

  • Optimise the stretch film in use for your products, pallet configuration and pallet wrapping equipment.
  • Pallet wrapping training certificates to ensure operator standards.
  • Define a process and procedure for best wrapping practice and issue bespoke guidelines.
  • Offer site audit reports on our film suggestions with a comparison to current usage.
  • Issue financial models showing the cost savings through value engineered solutions.
  • Continuous product development and improvement
  • Specialist field sales team with multi industry experience.

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