Investing in OUR future

Eurofilms is pleased to announce phase 2 of our major investment initiatives for 2021 / 2022.

Together with the support of our funding partner HSBC, we have invested in further Euro-lite pre-stretch conversion machines and a new state of the art extrusion line, which will boost our capacity considerably.

Eurofilms have been early adopters of the project initiatives on PCW ( post consumer waste) inclusion into our products, having worked with key suppliers and conducted extensive trials over the last 12 months. Our new multi layer extrusion line will enable us to greater harness the possibility of using PCW content in our products, as this requirement gains greater commercial momentum. We are keen drivers of a circular economy and these investments will further future proof our opportunities and the possibilities in our quest for more sustainable stretch film offerings.

Our HSBC / Eurofilms press release can be viewed below :

HSBC press release Eurofilms Investments July 2021

Will Humphreys