We have been working closely with key PCW resin suppliers to develop a product range which fully fits the 30% content criteria intended to avoid the plastic tax which is due for implementation during April 2022.

As we have always strived to produce thin gauge yet high performance and strong film products, it is noted that the PCW content required in our products is regarded as the most difficult PCW material to be processed.

However, research and development into the PCW content within our films has been successful at trial stage and we seek to roll out an initial and limited range of products in Q3.

Eurofilms UK Manufactured Portfolio of PCW 30% content stretch film products


  • Eurofilms Euro-lite PCW hand reel pre stretch
  • Eurofilms standard PCW hand reels
  • Eurofilms standard & performance PCW machine film


We want to ensure our product is fully fit for purpose and continues to retain the engrained characteristics and ethos of our Eurofilms stretch film – “strength & load stability.”

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