Eurofilms – the home of stretch film innovation!

Eurofilms – the home of stretch film innovation!

We have been working very closely with INEOS to trial their 30% PCW resin in our products!

It’s great news that in all of our lines the processing results have been extremely positive !

Successful extrusion and conversion of film to low gauge range has been accomplished by our production team.

Our quest for improved sustainability and film optimisation continues!

As long as you are not a competitor – please get in touch for more information!


Trailblazing “Mittelstand” Eurofilms invests for a sustainable future!

In order to future proof and grow our UK manufacturing business we have entered into a multi-phase investment programme which will be implemented from May 2021.

Focusing on the latest conversion and coex extrusion equipment, we will not only see a boost in output and a reduction in energy usage, but we will be able to ensure that we deliver even more thinner gauge films to our client base.

Demand for our Euro-lite pre-stretch and other thinner gauge films has never been so strong!

Lets chat ! If you want further details on our thin gauge film range or our plans for 30% PCW content products, then please get in touch.


Our "Eurofilms" Engineering team is looking better than ever!

Engineering has had a makeover!

Our engineering department has undergone a full makeover and is now better than ever.

Andrew James and his team have transformed the department and now are in a better shape to keep the factory smoothly running at all times.

The efficiency & response levels have improved dramatically, meaning better productivity and less downtime!

Great news for our customers!




Can we avoid the PP TAX?

We have been working closely with key PCW resin suppliers to develop a product range which fully fits the 30% content criteria intended to avoid the plastic tax which is due for implementation during April 2022.

As we have always strived to produce thin gauge yet high performance and strong film products, it is noted that the PCW content required in our products is regarded as the most difficult PCW material to be processed.

However, research and development into the PCW content within our films has been successful at trial stage and we seek to roll out an initial and limited range of products in Q3.

Eurofilms UK Manufactured Portfolio of PCW 30% content stretch film products


  • Eurofilms Euro-lite PCW hand reel pre stretch
  • Eurofilms standard PCW hand reels
  • Eurofilms standard & performance PCW machine film


We want to ensure our product is fully fit for purpose and continues to retain the engrained characteristics and ethos of our Eurofilms stretch film – “strength & load stability.”

Catch up with your contact at Eurofilms for further information!














To be continued ……..

We’ve been shopping!

We’ve been shopping!

Demand for our products is at an all-time high both from the UK and mainland markets.

To cope with this demand and to ensure we can satisfy all our customer requirements, we have splashed out on some more kit!

Watch this space for more information ( unless you are a competitor!)


HMRC updates regarding the plastic packaging tax

  • Plastic Packaging Tax: technical consultation outcome:

 HMRC updates regarding the plastic packaging tax. 

Finance Bill 2021

The amended primary legislation for PPT has been introduced in Finance Bill 2021. The legislation sets out the key features of the tax, including:

"the £200 per tonne tax rate for packaging with less than 30% recycled plastic"

The Plastic Tax is coming!

The Plastic Tax is coming!


Our pre-stretch products are the ideal way to reduce your film use and now has never been the better time to make that leap!


While we are working on blends to satisfy the requirements to avoid the plastic tax, the Euro-lite range of pre-stretch products allows downgauging to ensure that you optimise the film already in use.


We will keep you posted on the PCW content in our blends but in the meantime, touch base with our team to explore the possibilities  with Euro-lite Pre stretch today!


Raw Material Shortages!

A severe tightening of raw materials due to polymer producer plant outages, force majeures and global transportation logistical issues are causing a big problem.

The supply chain for raw materials is tight but luckily with our global reach we are managing to source our material requirements to keep our business moving.

Business as usual at Eurofilms!

A Crazy Start to 2021

After a challenging year in 2020 for all of us, we faced even more hurdles in January 2021!!

Brexit new protocols and a severe lack of raw materials and spiralling costs, are keeping the logistics and buying team very busy!

Happy New Year 2021!

Team Eurofilms have had a great break and now are fully ready to tackle 2021!

We have an exciting year ahead full of new projects and planned investments – watch this space!