Happy New Year 2022!!

Wishing our staff & customers a very healthy, happy & prosperous year.

We thank all our customers for their continued support and look forward to serving them well during 2022!



Eurofilms are pleased to announce that the first bulk order of INEOS rLL9210 polyethylene has recently been delivered to us here in our factory in Telford!

We have successfully blended this material on our extrusion lines and produced both hand and machine stretch films, in order to meet the 30% recycled content criteria.

Watch this space for more information on our exciting range of PCR stretch film products coming on stream during Q1 2022!

Read the full feature here!

Partners in Progress – Recycl-IN (ineos.com)

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With the plastic tax on the horizon it is important that everyone is optimised!

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Have a great season Wrockwardine Wood Juniors!

Eurofilms pleased to back these winners! - Good luck.


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Don’t leave it too late!

Still in August, but we are starting to see certain customers already planning in their order requirements for the next three months – the busiest period for most!

We have experienced dire uncertainty in the supply chain at certain points over the last 18 months. Raw material supplies have been exceptionally concerning at times and even though this appears to have improved, we are now faced with logistics issues with regard to road freight availability.

We have invested in new extrusion and conversion equipment over the last two years, so have significantly boosted our capacities and capabilities to supply.

But please don’t let your stocks get too low and don’t leave it too late to order!

We prioritise our regular customers and will work closely with you to ensure we meet your supply expectations and fulfil all your requirements.


Investing in OUR future

Investing in OUR future

Eurofilms is pleased to announce phase 2 of our major investment initiatives for 2021 / 2022.

Together with the support of our funding partner HSBC, we have invested in further Euro-lite pre-stretch conversion machines and a new state of the art extrusion line, which will boost our capacity considerably.

Eurofilms have been early adopters of the project initiatives on PCW ( post consumer waste) inclusion into our products, having worked with key suppliers and conducted extensive trials over the last 12 months. Our new multi layer extrusion line will enable us to greater harness the possibility of using PCW content in our products, as this requirement gains greater commercial momentum. We are keen drivers of a circular economy and these investments will further future proof our opportunities and the possibilities in our quest for more sustainable stretch film offerings.

Our HSBC / Eurofilms press release can be viewed below :

HSBC press release Eurofilms Investments July 2021

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The KINGS of pre-stretch in Europe!

Our UK production facility is now the largest extruder and convertor of pre-stretch film products in Europe!

We thank our extensive customer base in the UK & mainland Europe for their continued business and support.

Our recent multi phase investment programme ensures we will continue to grow and deliver even more innovative stretch film products to our customers!

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Welcome to your new UK home! - sorry about the weather!

Welcome to your new UK home! - sorry about the weather!

Our latest pre-stretch machines have arrived to boost our capacity & capabilities for our customers in the UK & EU.

The machines will have a good home at Eurofilms - but the weather is not quite as good as Italy!

Contact the friendly team on :  sales@eurofilms.com for all enquiries



We all need a BOOST!

Our new pre-stretch conversion machines have just landed!!

With demand at all time high for our products, this new “fleet” of the latest pre-stretch conversion machines will be a welcomed introduction for our customer base!

So, watch out – we will shortly be looking for more customers to keep these hungry beasts fed!

If you are interested in talking to us about your requirements – then please get in touch!