The next phase in the plastic tax journey!

The next phase in the plastic tax journey!

Treasury Response to Plastic Packaging Tax Consultation is now complete.

Eurofilms are committed to have a range of HAND & MACHINE stretch film products that contain 30% PCW in early 2021. The range is yet to be defined and tests on various supply sources continues.

All manufacturers and distributors of products deemed to have 30% post consumer waste content must have the appropriate government certification to avoid the tax implications.

But the industry will be at a junction in April 2022 when the proposed TAX is implemented.

30 % PCW content film v current virgin material content……

It is still a very unknown if it will be possible to replicate the currently low gauge highly engineered technical films when a 30 % PCW material is included.

A few important questions are yet to be answered for our industry and for our customers?

        • Will a 30% PCW stretch film be consistent and fit for purpose at the current film thickness we use?
        • Will we need to increase the thickness of the film we currently use to incorporate the PCW material successfully?
        • The current PCW material is 2 x or 3 x more than virgin material – will this cost differential change?
        • Is there enough high quality suitable PCW material scheduled for availability by early 2022?
        • Do the commercials actually add up for the film we currently use… v pcw material costs and other spin off costs associated with this potential material change, including productivity impacts and load stability issues in transit?
        • How will it affect accreditations like BRC?
        • How do we achieve government approved certification status to sell 30% PCW content products?

 Many unanswered questions currently. We continue the journey of research and development to tackle this crucial and very important hurdle for our products and the wider industry.


If you wish to receive latest news on the plastic tax and its implications please drop Lesley an email with the reference “plastic tax “ and we let you have timely updates.

Lesley Sherry

Commercial & IT Director

+44 (0) 1952 607414

Business as “almost” usual…..again!

Business as “almost” usual…..again!

As we enter into a new lockdown phase, we wanted to advise that Eurofilms will continue to operate 24/7 to ensure that we continuously supply our customer requirements.

We have been fortunate that we have been able to continue to function at full capacity throughout this year and will continue to do so. The demand for our product continues to be strong and being a UK manufacturer of stretch film / pallet wrap has definitely been a plus point during these uncertain times.

We would like to thank our Eurofilms team for being so dedicated and conscientious during these extremely unusual times and of course, our customers for their continued support.

We look forward to some normality soon ! – Stay safe.



Eurofilms Extrusion Ltd

Baubles & Brexit and don't mention the virus! - Are you ready?

Just 3 months left of 2020 ! A year we will never forget!

Yet still plenty of obstacles to navigate with the general pick up for Christmas ( we hope it can be a normal Christmas), the virus issue still a threat to our day to day life and the looming Brexit, as we finally leave the EU and start to understand the impact this will have on businesses!

Due to all the above reasons, we have already seen a spike in demand for our products and we urge all our customers and any new customers to plan well ahead for any requirements they may have for Q4.

If you wish to speak to one of our customer service or external business team members, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Graham Baker: (UK / SOUTH) - Click to book a consultation | 07801 989146

Justin Hartwell: (UK / Midlands / North & Scotland) - Click to book a consultation | 07890 900460

Customer Service Team: Click to book a consultation | 01952 60 66 33

Looking forward to being of service to all our customers & new customers for the remaining part of 2020!

Many thanks,


Martin Palmer

Sales Director


  • PS – if you want details on the proposed Plastic Tax which is on the horizon, then let me know and I will drop you over an email update on our progress in this area.
  • PPS – let me know if you wish to have a quick video insight into our factory and I will send it over


No DEAL or DEAL Brexit Scenario - we are ready!


No DEAL or DEAL Brexit Scenario

The vast majority of our key raw material supplies already come from outside Europe. We always carry buffer stocks of raw material in case of delays within our supply chain. This is built into our standard procurement policy as we do buy the majority of requirements direct from plants outside Europe now and need to ensure sufficient stocks in case of delays with ships / plant issues etc. In the case of a no deal and the possibility of 6% duty added, we currently see no or very little impact on our costings in this scenario, due to our purchasing strategy as a business.

So, we are carefully the monitoring the situation, as all UK businesses should be, and we will be carrying additional material in Q4 2020 & Q1 / Q2 2021 and perhaps beyond to ensure we have no disruption. We are also in discussions with our other “non raw material” UK suppliers for other items to ensure no disruption in any areas. We also monitor FX movements and hedge accordingly on all non sterling transactions to ensure pricing volatility due to currency is kept to a minimum. The base raw material pricing is constantly monitored in any scenario.

Rest assured we are preparing for all eventualities, but our procurement strategy is already well positioned and agile enough to align to either a soft or hard Brexit scenario.

We recognise there will be pinch points and crucial deadlines over the next few months and as we as businesses gain more clarity regarding the situation. We are scheduled to hold 25-30% additional raw material & finished goods at critical points in order to ensure a smooth supply chain in any scenario. As part of our contingency plans, we have also familiarised ourselves with “what if scenarios” and have sought insight and attended international trade briefings (webinars) with Trade experts and advisers to the EU commission., where AEO ( Authorised economic Operator) and potential future customs clearance processes have been discussed in detail.

We are monitoring the situation on a regular basis and will adjust our position as this process develops.




Corona Virus – A message to our Customers


We have all been facing a truly unprecedented situation. The Corona Virus pandemic has been affecting all our families, businesses, communities, and our whole way of life. At this time I feel that it is essential to update you on how we are dealing with the present situation at Eurofilms.

We at Eurofilms have been focusing on the health and safety of our employees, their families and our customers.

Those of our employees who can, have been working from home and will continue to do so. For those that are unable to do so, we have made changes to the way we work, enhancing our deep clean procedures and increased the use of sanitiser and protective materials.

We have introduced new systems of working by rearranging our production machinery into separate cells and as a result have managed to keep our production facility at full output rates through the pandemic to support our loyal customer base.

We will continue to operate in this way as we enter our busiest period of the year and beyond into 2021..

As we deal with this pandemic, with infection rates appearing to increase again, the whole team at Eurofilms remains focused on supporting your business.

Our company was founded on the core values of trust, loyalty, innovation, delivery of service and quality. These values are unwavering and continue to guide everything we do.

Thank you to all our customers for your continued support throughout this period.


Will Humphreys

CEO / Eurofilms

What is the PLASTIC TAX ?



What is the PLASTIC TAX ?


  • What impact will it have for your business and the stretch film products you buy?
  • When will the plastic tax be implemented?
  • Do we have to pay the tax ?
  • How does the UK plastic tax rate compare to other EU countries?
  • Are there any alternative product options available?
  • How do we avoid paying this tax?


If you would like more information on the plastic tax and be on the journey with Eurofilms, as we fully investigate new innovative product solutions to potentially mitigate the higher cost implications, then don’t hesitate to drop us an email. ( / ref plastic tax info) .


We will keep you updated on all developments with regard to the tax and product developments.

Customer Service Team: Click to book a consultation | 01952 60 66 33

Lesley Sherry

Commercial Director

A busy Q4 – we all hope so!

A busy Q4 – we all hope so!


We have experienced a very positive start to September, which is very encouraging for the wider economy, as people and companies try and overcome the challenges and get back to normal.


All our film extrusion lines & pre-stretch / hand reel units are fully operational, including our new 5 layer line, which was installed at the beginning of the year. We are now in a strong operational position to ensure we can fulfil all customer requirements in this crucial Q4 period.


We have an extensive stretch film / pallet wrap portfolio of cast & blown products in both hand and machine format including nano film types - something for all applications!


If you wish to speak to one of our customer service or external business team members, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Graham Baker: (UK / SOUTH) - Click to book a consultation | 07801 989146

Justin Hartwell: (UK / Midlands / North East & Scotland) - Click to book a consultation | 07890 900460

Harry Ingle: (UK / North West) - Click to book a consultation | | 07980 755472

Customer Service Team: Click to book a consultation | 01952 60 66 33

Looking forward to being of service to all our customers & new customers for the remaining part of 2020!


Many thanks,




Our NEW beast is ready and hungry!

Will Humphreys

If you wish to discuss your current or future requirements, then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Enjoy the video! – lookout for the inline HAND reel bit!




Lesley Sherry

Commercial Director

(UK) 01952 60 66 33

Happy 25th Birthday to Eurofilms!

Will Humphreys

We are pleased to celebrate reaching our 25th year in business!

Although our celebrations have been slightly curtailed due to recent events, we are pleased to reflect on the progress and development of our business over the years.

We have always been based in Telford, Shropshire UK and have expanded over the years to accommodate our continuous capital equipment investments and growing staff numbers ( AKA Team Eurofilms!). 

Our roots are firmly planted in the UK and mainland European markets, as a key manufacturer and supplier of CAST & BLOWN stretch film / pallet wrap and our growth in this sector continues.

Thank you to all our customers & suppliers for their support over the years. 

We look forward to the next 25 years!

Team Eurofilms




Business as usual - well almost!

Will Humphreys

Our European HQ & factory are operating as normal, but in the short and perhaps mid-term, we recognise that the traditional methods of our Business Development Team may need to be altered and the number of face to face meetings drastically reduced.

Please keep them busy and book a 10 minute slot to have a chat!

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