Eurofilms Extrusion Ltd, is the UK's largest independent manufacturer of pallet wrap stretch film and collation shrink film.

Eurofilms Extrusion Ltd, is the UK's largest independent manufacturer of pallet wrap stretch film and collation shrink film.

Based in Telford, Shropshire (UK) the centre of the UK’s plastics processing industry, our purpose-built state of the art facility contains the latest film extrusion lines and technologically advanced rewind systems.

Our continuous investment in product development and ever-expanding production capacity means that we are at the forefront of the latest film developments, ensuring our customers are always benefiting from packaging cost efficiencies. We are the No. 1 manufacturer of pre-stretch films within the UK and No 2 in mainland Europe, marketed under our Euro-lite range. Our continuous investment policy signifies our commitment to supporting our very important and ever-growing customer base.

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What Eurofilms can do for you :

  • Optimise the stretch film in use for your products, pallet configuration and pallet wrapping equipment.
  • Pallet wrapping training certificates to ensure operator standards.
  • Define a process and procedure for best wrapping practice and issue bespoke guidelines.
  • Offer site audit reports on our film suggestions with a comparison to current usage.
  • Issue financial models showing the cost savings through value engineered solutions.
  • Continuous product development and improvement.
  • Specialist field sales team with multi-industry experience.

Nine important questions to ask your stretch film supplier

Load stability and cargo containment are the buzz words currently. It is important to choose a supplier that can offer both hand &
machine stretch film/pallet wrap. Also, as pre-stretch is the fastest growing area of this packaging sector, it is vital that this film type is considered in either hand

This is an important question especially if you are seeking to achieve product consistency, continuous innovation and improved and more efficient supply chains. UK manufacturers with 24/7 production facilities are more likely to provide the product you want, when you want it.

Firstly, is your supplier aware of this European directive for best practice on cargo securing? And secondly, do they have the film range and tools to ensure your pallets meet the criteria?

It makes total sense to to work with a company which has a vast experience working in a wide-range of sectors. Pallets come in all shapes and sizes and vary massively in weight. It’s vital to choose the correct specification to wrap your pallets. Safety and security for your goods in transit is paramount.

Many companies are just order takers and will just churn out standard specifications. Working with a company that can provide site audits and produce financial models will reap rewards in cost savings. Time and time again we see incorrectly optimised film in use, especially on machine stretch film. The latest technologically advanced film polymer blends allows fresh thinking and better optimisation.

Not everyone will know the answer, but this question will sort out the serious players from the not so serious ones. Multi layer films can offer many benefits, as the blend compositions can be more complex and offer great down gauging opportunities

The pricing for stretch film can be fairly volatile and unstable. If you wish to “put to bed” this product category and come away from the weekly or monthly rounds of spot discussions, it’s good to be able to negotiate medium-term or even index-linked pricing to ensure more stability.

Some companies will normally offer one or the other. The manufacturing process for the two types is quite different and depending on the application, the characteristics and properties of each film type may be more ideal in certain environments or circumstances. It is definitely worth asking the question. BLOWN &
CAST films are available in both hand and machine formats.

A simple question but actually seldom asked. Buyers should focus on the price it costs to wrap the pallet. With much more advanced thinner &
stronger films coming to the market, it is important to focus on the true cost rather than vague headline costs which are less meaningful. A simple audit will demonstrate the savings. A small investment in time could save your business a lot in the future.”

If you would like a company to answer all of the above questions, please feel free to call our friendly UK customer service team on 01952 60 66 33 or email They are ready and willing to help